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Welcome to Shop for Beach Stuff. I hope our products resonate with the whimsical part of you! My daughter's love for the beach was the motivation behind creating this website. Any vacation (be it summer or winter) that does not involve the beach is not a holiday - according to my 5-year old!  

My passion for working with textile fabrics motivated me to start my company Bavnah LLC. in 2015 with my sister. We designed and sold beautiful and unique hand bags and home decor primarily on Amazon.

After a brief lull in the business, we wanted to branch out and created Shop for Beach Stuff in 2018 to provide unique accessories for beach lovers and avid vacation planners who love going to the beach each summer. Our vision is to enhance their vacation - their love for the beach and the relaxation it provides, by presenting the finest accessories they will need while on the golden sands. 

So, if you want something unique and elegant to pack for your next beach vacation, you are in the right place!   

At Shop for Beach Stuff, we focus on the quality of our products and work hard to ensure that you are completely satisfied with them. Please write to us if you have any concerns or if you'd just like to share your experience with our products - we are eagerly waiting to hear from you!

- Priya


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